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What’s the difference between a Gillette 2-blade disposable and a Gillette MACH3+ razor?
Gillette MACH3+ razors have better blades with sharper edges* for a more comfortable shave than Gillette 2-blade disposables. These blades are strengthened with an atomic carbon coating to help keep them sharper for longer. Gillette MACH3+ razors have a skin guard with 10 flexible fins made from soft elastomer. They gently stretch the skin to create a smooth, even surface before the blades.

What’s the difference between a Gillette MACH3+ razor and a Gillette Fusion5 razor?
The Gillette MACH3+ has 3 blades while the Gillette Fusion5 has 5 blades and a precision trimmer.

What are Microfins, and what do they do?
Microfins precede the blades and smooth out the skin before the first blade cuts the first hair. So you get a close, comfortable shave.

What does a Lubrastrip do?
A Lubrastrip is a thin strip that sits at the top of the razor, releasing lubricants while you shave, to produce a great glide. When you are no longer getting an optimal shave, the Lubrastrip fades to white, indicating that it might be time to change the blade.

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The one you always go back to

I love my Mach 3! I tried the newer 5 blade Fusion but I found the blades don't last as long. And the Mach blades are cheaper! I wouldn't change a thing. Highly recommended!

Yes, I recommend this product!

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Los Angeles
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Where's the Turbo?

The Mach3 razor is a good razor, but nowhere near as great as the late Mach3 Turbo!!! Speaking of, where did the Turbo razor go? It was the best on the market, defeating any and every other brand out there! Now we're left with second best for a not as great shave experience. What gives?

No, I do not recommend this product.

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The Gillette Team 06/29/20

We always want you to get the best shave possible for your particular needs. We recently released the Gillette3 and have upgraded all our Mach3 cartridges. Now all Mach3's have the sharper blades and larger lubristrip over the Gillette3. We would love to help a loyal customer and go over what product now best fits your shaving needs. When you have a moment give us a call at 800-445-5388. We are here to help!

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Terre Haute In
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Overall Rating

One great razor!

I absolutely love this razor! i've been using it for 20 years now. I often skip shaving for a few days. This razor handles it and cleans out so easily. The only razor I will use.

Yes, I recommend this product!

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