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Gillette® Fusion5™ Manual Razor







What’s the difference between a Gillette MACH3 razor and a Gillette Fusion5 razor?
The Gillette MACH3 has 3 blades while the Gillette Fusion5 has 5 blades and a precision trimmer.
What are Microfins, and what do they do?
The Gillette Fusion5 razor features ultra-soft skin guards consisting of 15 thinner, more flexible Microfins. These Microfins precede the blades and smooth out the skin before the first blade cuts the first hair. So you get a close, comfortable shave.
What does an Indicator Lubricating Strip do?
An Indicator Lubricating Strip is a thin strip that sits at the top of your razor, releasing lubricants over time, providing a great glide. When you are no longer getting an optimal shave, the Indicator Lubricating Strip fades to white, indicating that it might be time to change the blade.
Will Gillette Fusion5 razor blade refills fit any other razors on the market?
Yes, all Fusion5 blades fit all Fusion5 and Fusion5 Power razors.

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4.55/5 (3771)
87% recommended


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Columbia, TN
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Best razor on the market, by far.

I've been using fusion 5 razor blades for years and I always get an extremely good shave on my face and head. I tried using some other brands several times but they don't come close to the quality and comfort this blade provides. As I mentioned previously I shave my face and head and I still get at 30 to 35 days out of each blade. The cheaper blades I don't know how long they last because I can't use them more than 2 or 3 times before I switch back. Fusion 5 is a great razor blade that works best with Gillette shaving cream. Thank you Gillette for a great product.

Yes, I recommend this product!

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Tried and true

Been trying to switch companies for a while honestly but nobody comes close on quality and longevity to Gillette in my opinion.

Yes, I recommend this product!

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Orlando. Fl
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This is the worst blade I have ever used in over 50years of shaving. I shave every day & this was like using a broken piece of glass. I bought a 12pack thinking they were better than the GILLETTE FUSION. I'm going back to the FUSION. Sorry for the bad review, just my opinion.

No, I do not recommend this product.

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The Gillette Team 08/25/20

We always want you to get the best shave Bill, and we are sorry to hear about your recent experience. No matter which blade you use your shave should be smooth and comfortable. There are some technical differences in the two blades, and we would consider the Proglide an update, but what works best for your beard is what works best for your beard. With every Gillette shave, we always recommend shaving during or after a shower, using a preshave, taking short strokes, and moisturizing afterward. We would love to help get you into a product that works for your needs and gather some information about those blades Bill. When you have a moment give us a call at 800-445-5388.